Shattering the Glass Ceiling

We are a women owned and controlled film production company dedicated to promoting women to lead the production of successful commercial feature length films.

Given recent revelations of a long history of tightly clustered power in Hollywood that has resulted in oppressive and abusive conditions for women, it is morally imperative that we respond now.

Executive Summary

Glass Ceiling, LLC was co-founded by Cathy Beckerman, an independent film producer and writer who has served as Founder and COO of Big Picture; and by Love Malone, who is the CEO and Founder of the Malone Creative Group. These two passionate film producers share a strong belief that the film industry will thrive in new ways when women are given more leadership opportunities.


To empower women in the Film industry and beyond. Glass Ceiling will demonstrate the positive effects of increasing female leadership in production of commercially viable feature length films for theatrical release.


The Company’s founders firmly believe that increased female control of films will result in stronger, more complex images of women, will reduce mistreatment, harassment and discrimination and will offer market competition that may cause other production companies to respond in-kind.


Glass Ceiling will set a new industry standard by implementing the Gradient Rule, creating increased opportunity for women and historically underrepresented racial/ethnic groups.


We are raising $50 million to demonstrate the positive effects of increased female leadership in film production.

Company Overview

Glass Ceiling will build on the highly successful, though too limited, Hollywood track record of women-led films. Cracks have been made by talented and brave women through the years and now it’s time to finally shatter the glass ceiling.

We believe the means to this end is through providing women greater participation in film production, both above the line as directors, producers, and writers, and below the line as department heads in areas ranging from cinematography to editing and sound.

History shows that films where women operated from positions of leadership portrayed stronger, more complex images of women and in many cases outperformed competitive films. No doubt female leadership can also reduce mistreatment, harassment and discrimination.

Itself run by women, Glass Ceiling will set a new Hollywood standard, where gender equality prevails to the greater success of all.